Intalio Service Desk is industry-forged customer service solution
at your fingertips!

  • Enterprise-grade

    Proven, effortless and safe technology with OTOBO and ((OTRS)) Community Edition as its core.

  • Open and scalable

    On-demand features, integration possibilities and open architecture allows you to incorporate Intalio ServiceDesk as central repository of integrated company data to work with. No matter how big or small your business is.

  • Works out of the box

    We take care of every aspect of your solution - from bare metal hardware and software to fine-tune your customer service practices and workflows. Your Intalio ServiceDesk is ready to run almost immediately.

Features #1

Customer Panel
which should always be

The panel introduces many features. Solutions allow to users to get access all necessary information about request . Our panel is built from a solid base and is a fully functional system closely integrated with ((OTRS)) and OTOBO.

Completely new quality and comfort of work for people who are struggling with task and requests. Created by Intalio from scratch, it offers users a modern interface and functionalities that until now have been lacking in communication between the company and clients.

Intalio Intalio
Features #2

Dynamic Forms allows you
to create your own complex forms without knowing
the secrets of programming and styling.

Dynamic Forms allows you to create your own advanced forms without knowing the secrets of programming. In a very short time, you can independently implement many complex and modern-looking forms. The system has the option of full integration with ((OTRS)) and OTOBO, both in terms of the content of the notification as well as additional fields and dynamic fields!

  • API support - you can manage the form from a completely different system (if you want)
  • Support for many field formats - file, date, time, text, lists, advanced text editor and much more
  • Full integration with OTRS and OTOBO (dynamic fields, queues, ticket title, etc.)
Intalio Intalio Intalio Intalio

How Does INTALIO Work

With many successful deployments, our knowledge of technology and business requirements has been broadly expanding, resulting in the most comprehensive solution offer on the market.

Our Company has an experience with ((OTRS)) of almost 10 years. Our solutions are used by Clients who are leaders in their industries.

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We have extensive experience in integrating the OTOBO and ((OTRS)) Community environment with other IT systems